In Belgium, research in microbiology is performed in several institutes and universities. All types of microorganisms are studied : Viruses, Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryotes such as Fungi (e.g., Yeasts), Protozoa (e.g., Trypanosomes), Chromista (e.g., Diatoms) and Plants (e.g., Chlorella).

Some  of these institutes also host a public collection of microorganisms. These collections are grouped as the Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms (BCCM). The BCCM collections are at the researcher’s service to store and provide biological materials


KU Leuven (KUL)

Laboratory of Clinical Bacteriology and Mycology (Katrien Lagrou)
Laboratory of Virology and Chemotherapy – Rega Institute (Dominique Schols)
Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology – Rega Institute (Tassos Economou)
Laboratory of Clinical and Epidemiological Virology – Rega Institute (A-M Vandamme)
Laboratory of Food Microbiology (Chris Michiels)
Division Soil and Water Management (Roel Merckx)
Centre of Microbial and Plant Genetics (Jan Michiels)
Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology (Johan Thevelein)
Aquatic Biology (Koenraad Muylaert)

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Earth and Life Institute (ELI) – Applied Microbiology (ELIM)

  • Laboratory of Food and Environmental Microbiology (Jacques Mahillon)
  • Bioingénierie (Patrick Gerin)
  • Brasserie et Industrie Alimentaire (Sonia Collin)
  • Laboratoire de Mycologie (Stephan Declerck)
  • Phytopathologie (Anne Legreve & Claude Bragard)

Institut de recherche expérimentale et clinique (IREC)

Pôle de Microbiologie médicale – MBLG (Michel Delmée)

Laboratoires de Référence au sein du Pôle de Microbiologie

  • Laboratoire de Référence SIDA
  • Centre National de Référence Clostridium difficile
  • Centre National de Référence Yersinia
  • Centre National de Référence Borrelia

Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology (LIBST)

Institut de Duve – Infections & Inflammation team

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Ecology of Aquatic Systems – ESA (Pierre Servais)
Laboratory of Microbiology (Louis Droogmans)
Unit of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Hygiene (Véronique Fontaine)
Molecular Bacteriology Laboratory (Pierre Smeesters)
Biological and medical chemistry – Pharmaceutical microbiology (Jean-Paul Dehaye)
Laboratory of Parasitology (Carine Truyens)

Université de Liège (ULg)

Laboratory of Bacteriology (Jacques Mainil)
Laboratory of Immunology – Vaccinology (Alain Vanderplasschen)
Laboratory of Veterinary Mycology (Bernard Mignon)
Laboratory of Parasitology and Parasitic diseases
Veterinary Virology and animal viral Diseases (Etienne Thiry)
Microbiologie et Génomique (Daniel Portetelle)
Plant and Microbial Ecology (Monique Carnol)


Gembloux Agro-Bio TechUnité de recherche AGROBIOCHEM

Axe Technologies microbiennes (Patrick Fickers)


Integrative Biological SciencesCenter for Protein Engineering (Paulette Charlier)

  1. Bacterial Physiology and Genetics (Prof Bernard Joris)
  2. Cyanobacterial Diversity, Phylogeny and Biogeography (Dr Annick Wilmotte)
  3. Streptomyces Genetics and Development (Dr Sébastien Rigali)
  4. Biochemistry of Extremophiles (Dr Georges Feller)
  5. Biological Macromolecules and Biochemistry (Prof Moreno Galleni)
  6. Bacterial Cell Wall and Cell Division (Dr Mohammed Terrak)
  7. Biological Macromolecule Crystallography (Prof Paulette Charlier & Dr Frédéric Kerff)
  8. Protein Folding and Enzymology (Prof André Matagne & Dr Mireille Dumoulin)


Université de Mons (UMons)

Protéomique et Microbiologie (Ruddy Wattiez)
Génie des Procédés chimiques et biochimiques (Christian Delvosalle)

Université de Namur (UNamur)

Research Unit in Biology of Microorganisms (URBM) (Jean-Jacques Letesson)

Universiteit Antwerpen (UA)

Laboratory of Medical Microbiology – LMM (Herman Goossens)
Lab of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (Sarah Lebeer)
Laboratory for Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene – LMPH (Louis Maes)
Environmental Ecology & Microbiology – ENdEMIC (Samson Roeland)
Research Group of Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology (Siegfried Vlaeminck)

Universiteit Gent (UGent)

Laboratory of Microbiology – LM UGent (Peter Vandamme, Anne Willems, Bart Devreese, Kurt Houf, Peter Van Damme, Aurélien Carlier en Marie Joossens)
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology – LPM (Tom Coenye)
Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Food Preservation
Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology – CMET (Nico Boon, Tom Van de Wiele, Korneel Rabaey, Bart De Gusseme, Tom Defoirdt, Ramon Ganigué, Willy Verstraete)
Protistology & Aquatic Ecology – PAE (Wim Vyverman)
Molecular Virology group (Xavier Saelens)

Universiteit Hasselt (UHasselt)

Center for Environmental Sciences (Jaco Vangrondsveld)

Vrije Universiteit van Brussel (VUB)

Research Group of Microbiology (Daniel Charlier, Eveline Peeters)
Research Group of Industrial Microbiology and Food Biotechnology (IMDO)


Research institutes

Federal institutes
SCK•CEN : Belgian Nuclear Research Center
Research unit for Microbiology (Natalie Leys)
Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM)

Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO)

Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB)

Institut de Recherches Microbiologique Jean-Marie Wiame (IRMW)