Positions & Grants

Research grants at FEMS :

Members of FEMS Member Societies can apply for research grants and/or support when organizing or attending a meeting – including our Member Societies’ national and regional congresses. Every year we award hundreds of thousands of euros to help meetings organizers and early career researchers bring experts and earlier career scientists together.

See here for more details.

Academic positions

KU-Leuven : Professor in microbial ecology for bio-based circular economy. More info here.

PhD positions :

• June 2019. One PhD position in the lab of Jeff Errington (see below in PostDoc positions).

• PhD for 3 years in Ecology of plant-microbe interaction (France). Deadline : June 2019.

• PhD positions are available at the MELiSSA foundation :

Postdoctoral positions :

• June 2019. We are presently looking for excellent candidates to fill two post doctoral and one PhD position in the lab of Jeff Errington (https://www.ncl.ac.uk/cbcb/staff/profile/jefferrington.html). The projects are flexible and could cover any of a range of topics including :

  • L-form bacteria (basic science or potential role in infection)
  • Actinobacterial molecular cell biology
  • Antibiotic discovery based on Natural Products

Chemists interested in natural product identification and or semi-synthesis particularly welcomed.

Informal enquiries to jeff.errington@ncl.ac.uk. Recent key references below.

Kawai Y, Mickiewicz K, Errington J. 2018. Lysozyme Counteracts β-Lactam Antibiotics by Promoting the Emergence of L-Form Bacteria. Cell 172(5), 1038-1043.e10.

Emami K, Guyet A, Kawai Y, Devi J, Wu LJ, Allenby N, Daniel RA, Errington J. 2017. RodA as the missing glycosyltransferase in Bacillus subtilis and antibiotic discovery for the peptidoglycan polymerase pathway.Nature Microbiology 2, 16253.

Santos-Beneit F, Roberts DM, Cantlay S, McCormick JR, Errington J. 2017. A mechanism for FtsZ-independent proliferation in Streptomyces. Nature Communications 8, 1378.

Kepplinger B, Morton-Laing S, Seistrup KH, Marrs ECL, Hopkins AP, Perry JD, Strahl H, Hall MJ, Errington J, Allenby NEE. 2018. Mode of Action and Heterologous Expression of the Natural Product Antibiotic Vancoresmycin. ACS Chem Biol. 13, 207-214.

• PostDoc position available in the Department of Molecular Biology at Umeå University, Sweden.

• A PostDoc position is available at the SCK (Mol) :


Trainee positions

Trainee position (5 months) at the JRC Geel