Jules Bordet (1870 – 1961)

Jules Jean Baptiste Vincent Bordet (13 June 1870 – 6 April 1961) was a Belgian immunologist and microbiologist. With Octave Gengou, he isolated the bacterium responsible for whooping cough in pure culture in 1906. Later, the bacterium was named Bordetella pertussis, in honor of Bordet who helped to discover the organism. He also worked on syphilis, and his “Bordet-Wasserman reaction” has been the leading test for syphilis for a long time. He became Professor of Bacteriology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1907 and received the Nobel Prize in 1919 for his discoveries in immunology. He also studied bacteriophages. To discover his numerous contributions to the field of microbiology please read this article published in 1962 in Journal of General Microbiology (Beumer J., 1962. Jules Bordet 1870–1961. J. Gen. Microbiol. 29:1–13).