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Belgian Society for Microbiology

The Belgian Society for Microbiology (BSM) is a nonprofit association (VZW/ASBL) dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences in the broadest sense. It was founded in 1996 to give all the microbiologists in Belgium a chance to meet and discuss Science in a friendly atmosphere.



  • YBSM Call for applications

    The Young BSM board was established two years ago and consists of Belgium-based early career microbiology scientists with a passion for science communication. Our goal is to bring microbiology to the public through the organization of outreach activities.

    Currently, the YBSM Board is looking for applicants who can strengthen the team with their talents of being a secretary, media curator, illustrator and/or else. We are looking for pro-active candidates who are interested in shaping what it means to do scientific outreach and defining our next goals. As a board, we are committed to represent the whole Belgian microbiology community, therefore we specifically urge young microbiologists from the French-speaking part of Belgium to apply.

    Hence, if you are a BSM member and an early career scientist and you have an interest in science communication, committed to proactively participate and attend at least 6 meetings annually, don’t hesitate to apply by filling in the following form: https://forms.office.com/e/BFYvnRkur2. Applications will be accepted until 18/12/2023.

  • 18th Congress of the International Union of Microbiological Societies – IUMS 2024

    Thee 18th Congress of the International Union of Microbiological Societies – IUMS 2024 will take place on 23 – 25 October in Florence, Italy.
    The IUMS 2024 Congress will bring together scientists from various fields of microbiology, including Bacteriology, Virology, and Mycology, to exchange knowledge, share recent advancements, and explore future perspectives in the field. https://iums2024.com/.

  • How we raised the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes to the rank of a model system – Pascale COSSART

    The 5th de Duve Lecture, which will be given by Professor Pascale COSSART, who will enlighten us on the molecular and cellular bases of bacterial infections. The lecture will take place on Thursday, 14 December at 17:30, in the auditorium A (Lacroix) on the UCLouvain Health Sciences campus in Brussels. It will be followed by a reception.

    Professor Pascale Cossart is a pioneering figure in Cellular Microbiology, renowned for her groundbreaking work. She holds a PhD from the Pasteur Institute in Paris and has directed the Bacteria-Cell Interactions unit. Her research journey began with studying DNA-protein interactions, but in 1986, she shifted her focus to investigate the molecular and cellular aspects of bacterial infections, using Listeria monocytogenes as a model. Cossart’s work has yielded groundbreaking insights into how Listeria monocytogenes crosses the intestinal and feto-placental barriers, its actin-based motility within host cells, and novel mechanisms governing gene expression through RNAs. Her research also highlights the role of mitochondria in infection and host post-translational modifications, like histone modifications, influencing infection outcomes. Her contributions have garnered international recognition, with prestigious awards including the L’Oréal/Unesco award, the Robert Koch prize, the Jeantet prize, and the Balzan prize. She is a member of several prominent academies, such as the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine (USA), the Royal Society (UK), and the French Academy of Sciences, where she served as Perpetual Secretary. Currently, she holds the position of visitor at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany.

    For security reasons, registration before 4 December is mandatory, through the registration page or the QR code on the flyer.

  • Ouvrir la boîte de Pandoredes expériences à risque en virologie – Etienne Decroly (CNRS)

    La recherche en virologie est un enjeu de société essentiel pour lutter contre l’émergence de nouveaux pathogènes. Les nouvelles méthodes de la biologie moléculaire ont considérablement accéléré la recherche et le développement de nouvelles thérapeutiques, vaccins et tests diagnostiques moléculaires, nous permettant de mieux lutter contre les épidémies. Toutefois, ces technologies peuvent comporter des risques dont l’évaluation est complexe et fait débat, à la fois dans la société civile et au sein de la communauté scientifique.
    L’objet de la conférence sera de contextualiser les différents types d’expériences en virologie et d’interroger les pratiques en prenant en compte les bénéfices – escomptés ou avérés – et en discutant les risques –fantasmés ou réels.

    Horaire : Samedi 25 novembre 2023, de 10h00 à 11h30
    Lieu : ULB Campus Plaine, Boulevard du Triomphe, Forum, auditoire E
    Tout public : 5 € par séance
    Étudiants : entrée gratuite
    Membres d’Altaïr : entrée gratuite

    Inscription requise sur https://forms.gle/uiWzwjp6JLUZvDiB7

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Membership to BSM is open to anyone with an interest in microbiology. Membership allows you to register for free to the annual meeting and makes you a member of FEMS.


Famous Belgian Microbiologists

Learn more about groundbreaking research from Belgian scientists.


BSM annual conference

Each year, BSM holds a symposium, providing a great opportunity for the Belgium-based community of microbiology researchers to meet and interact. There is always an exciting speaker line-up and early career researchers can present their research in a poster or oral presentation.