Job opportunities at the Proteomics and Microbiology group of the University of Mons

The Proteomics and Microbiology group (ProtMic – Prof. R. Wattiez) of the University of Mons (Belgium), initiated in 2007, focuses on functional proteomics and metabolism research. Actually, the ProtMic group members consists of 2 professors, 1 assistant professor, 5 postdocs, 13 Ph.D. students and 3 technicians. The Bioprofiling platform is a core facility created by ProtMic between UMONS (Université de Mons) and ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). It assists academic researchers in their projects and to support the fast-growing surrounding biotech and life sciences ecosystem.
Our multidisciplinary teams provide knowhow in functional proteomics. Projects, in which we are involved in, are interdisciplinary, but mainly oriented towards life, environmental sciences and agrofoods. Our teams bring their state-of-the-art equipment as well as their expertise while developing new methodologies and research projects.

We are currently recruiting 4 technical and scientific professionals with varied backgrounds in Proteomics, Bioinformatic and Mass spectrometry, and 2 technical and scientific professionals with a background in Metabolomics. In these new roles, your collaborative mindset is as valued as your scientific expertise.