BSM Symposium 2019

Registration to the BSM 2019 meeting :

This symposium is free for BSM members. To become a member click here. To participate to the symposium without being a BSM member a fee of 35 € will be asked at the registration desk, but online registration is mandatory.

New in 2019 : poster flash presentations!

To be able to attend the next BSM symposium, please fill in the following form :




1) I agree to be selected for an oral presentation2) I am willing to submit a poster flash presentation (to be sent to before 19/09/2019)

Deadline for abstract submission : September 13th, 2019.

Poster abstract format :
1 page, including title, authors and addresses
For title : Times New Roman 14 – Bold
For authors and address : Times New Roman 12 – Italic
For body text : Times New Roman 11
File format : Word (no PDF!)