Agar Art

The Belgian Society for Microbiology invites you to let your ‘microbial’ creativity free with “Agar Art” !

Winner of the 2018 Agar Art contest : Serena Moretti (UAntwerpen).

Take a break between your hard work, have some fun with agar plates, make your art !

Click here to discover some examples. Upload your pictures here on the BSM website (see below) (please add your name to the picture file).

For the 2019 BSM General Meeting, pictures could be uploaded until 30th of September 2019. The author of the winning picture will receive the Belgian Agar Art Award 2019 price and his picture will be featured 1 year long on the front page of our BSM website and will be promoted through our newsletter and our social media channels!

Judging Criteria:

1st place winner will be chosen by our judges based on the following:

– creativity/originality in technique, organism(s) used, and agar(s) used
– overall artistry of design
– presentation
– scientific accuracy of description
– appropriateness/accessibility of description for a general audience

Judges include : BSM board members

Winner Notification: the winners will be announced at the end of the Annual BSM General meeting, in the Academy of Sciences at Brussels.

Let your creativity and imagination free !

We are looking forward to see some cool pictures !
Please spread the news also to your colleagues and students !

Kind regards,

The BSM board

Upload below your agar art!

Important : the file must be in jpeg (YourNameAgarArt.jpeg). Maximum 500 Ko when compressed.