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The 2019 Symposium of the Belgian Society for Microbiology, “Microbes without Frontiers”, organized jointly with the National Committee for Microbiology will occur on Friday October 18th 2019 at the Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium (RASAB), in Brussels.

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Registrations to the BSM 2019 symposium are now closed
The meeting is fully booked! If you did not register in time for the meeting, we cannot give you access!
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The General Assembly of the association will also occur during the symposium.

The Belgian Society for Microbiology (BSM) is a nonprofit association (VZW/ASBL) dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences in the broadest sense (by-laws here). It was founded in 1996 to give all the microbiologists in Belgium a chance to meet and discuss Science in a friendly atmosphere. Since then, the Society successfully organized more than twenty Symposia devoted to specific and trendy topics that attracted from year to year between 110 and 200 participants.

In 2017, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Society, the Board decided to move one step forward and to create scientific sections to foster more contacts and activities among the members. Four sections have been created.

In line with this new structure, the 2017 annual meeting was a General Meeting with a prominent speaker chosen by every section. This 2017 General meeting of BSM was held on October 20 at the Academy Palace in Brussels.

Membership to BSM is open to anyone with interest in microbiology. Membership allows you to register for free to the annual meeting and makes you a member of FEMS, eligible for various grants (see the FEMS web site). If you are not a member yet, the membership registration form can be found here.

Winner of the Agar art contest 2018 : Serena Moretti (UAntwerpen)